Hillcrest Cinema, Harehills #2

Published on Monday, 4 November 2013, 9:46am

“I met my husband in a cinema. Because the girl that I went to the cinema with, she was chatting to him all night long and I were playing pop with her for flirting with him and showing me up, you know. And he sort of kept turning round and grinning and talking and what have you and that’s where I met him.

How did your friend feel about that?

She took it in her stride. She wasn’t going out with him or anything. It was in The Hillcrest. It’s no longer there. It was halfway up Harehills Lane and they changed it into the Ministry of Driving. But I don’t think it’s that now it was something to do with driving school – driving exams and things.”

Story – Betty S. Embroidery – Helen Gibson

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