How I lost my dog in The Hollies

Linda Marshall

Little Dougal, let off the lead, free
To scamper and follow his snout,
One minute here, the next vanished.
My heart, racing faster than he could,
Skipped more than a beat,
As I searched the winding paths,
Shook the azaleas and rose bushes,
Called him to no avail.
The grass tufts could sense my panic,
Dog gone missing in public park,
Full of hiding places,
Undergrowth, and perilous streams.
An hour spent scouring every inch,
I give up, tired, heavy
With foreboding, walk back home
And there he is, the little villain,
Sitting on the doorstep,
Tail wagging, happy to see me.
I never used to believe in miracles.

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