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‘a building for human habitation, especially one that consists of a ground floor and one or more upper storeys’
‘home, place of residence, homestead, lodging place, a roof over one’s head’

House began with the story of Robert Arthington, a rich man, locally known as the Headingley Miser. He built a large house for his bride; but the bride never came. And so, he lived alone in one room, on half a crown a week, and received his visitors in the dark.

Around him 19th Century Headingley was growing from a country village separated from Leeds by fields and farms to a vibrant suburb, where industrialists and imperialists alike built themselves splendid houses. The miser’s millions meanwhile were supporting missionary projects around the world. Arthington, Liberia, bears his name to this day.

Created by A Quiet Word in collaboration with members of the local community, House was a site-specific performance that explored how property and power connect Headingley and the wider world. Participants were invited behind closed doors for a conversation in the dark, and to where the present overlays the past.

Events ran from Tuesday 30 January to Saturday 3 February 2018.

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House was created with the participation of:
Eveleigh Bradford; Residents of 57 Headingley Lane; Chris Workman and family; St Chad’s Memory Café and Lunch Club; Residents of Grove Park Care Home; Pupils and staff at Shire Oak Primary School; Members of the House creative writing group; Headingley voices and Tricia Kyte; Ross Horsley; Jackie Parsons; Gerry Turvey; Committee and staff of The New Headingley Club; Tony Whatmough

Walks led by:
David Dawson, Joe Williams, Rosie Parsons and Hazel Smoczynska

The Vestibule – Jaye Kearney
The Parlour – Peter Spafford
The Kitchen – Oscar Stafford
The Nursery – Miss Pauline Mayers
The Dressing Room – (The Bride’s Voice) Sarah Kennedy
The Cottage – Chris Workman and family
The Estate Agent – Matthew Bellwood
The Property Developer – Richard Standeven

Creative Team:
Thread Artist – Hayley Mills-Styles
Graphic Design – Amy Levene
Scenography – Alison Andrews
Production Manager – Polly Cuthbert
Publicity – Jaye Kearney
Sonalope Technologist – Christine Farion
Sonalope Developer – Simon East
Dramaturgical Consultant Sonalope – Maria Kapsali
Photography – Lizzie Coombes
Shire Oak Tree Song set to music by Richard Morris

Alisha Brown, Arlie Haslam, Merveille Nsumbu, Niall Unger

The performance text was devised by the company

Conceived and directed by Alison Andrews and Matthew Bellwood

With thanks to the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, Leeds University:
Steve Ansell; Ian Lindley; Andie Mills; Hannah Baxter-Gale; Scott Palmer; Place and Performance Research Group

Central Leeds

Since Autumn 2013, Alison Andrews and Matthew Bellwood are working with people from all over Leeds to create a series of maps of the city.

These will be produced in collaboration with a range of other artists. Maps will be sung, embroidered, floated down rivers, fixed on to buses and rendered as shadows. Each map will show the city from a different perspective.

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