St Mary’s Church, Quarry Hill

Published on Tuesday, 5 November 2013, 9:56am

“I met my husband at St Mary’s Church, which is now demolished. St Mary’s Church, Quarry Hill. It was a big church and it had a big square tower with a clock on and I know I went one Sunday morning and he was home on leave – shore leave. And he said to somebody, “who’s this?” because he didn’t know me. And after, that following week, he had leave, some leave and we went to – they had a good youth club there and we went there and also we went to the Astoria, dancing and he walked me home. And he was going away actually. He were on his embarkation leave and he asked me if I’d write to him. And I wrote to him for three years. About three years and nine months. And we were married fifty-eight years. He was in the Durham Light Infantry. Yes. And was very proud to be in the Durhams.”

Story – Mary K. Embroidery – Matthew Bellwood

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