Vinery Avenue/Vinery Mount

Published on Sunday, 3 November 2013, 9:51am

“You know where t’ Irish Centre is? Well it were there. Them were t’ houses we lived on there. Again’ t’Irish Centre. Like they were old houses you know? Small houses. Not like now. And we lived there and we were overcrowded so we’d to come out of there … we ha’n’t enough bedrooms and what have you. And we got one of t’ first houses in Vinery Avenue, it wa’. I remember t’ number. Vinery Avenue it wa’. They’d a garden and everything. We’d not got anything there you see so it were different. And I were only a kid and I’d two brothers, they used to go round selling ice-cream – you know Granelli? They used to – for a bit o’money, my brother, eldest one, other one wa’n’t allowed to do it, but he helped. He wasn’t allowed to do it officially. (Laughs). But he died at fifteen. He were born wi’ a bad what is it – heart. They couldn’t do ault for him, from being baby. He were the bonniest lad. Yeah and he used to make crystal sets. He were brainy. He were brainy. To pass his time on in t’house he’d do that! Cos he wa’n’t allowed to go to work because he wa’n’t fit but he went and got himself a job, I’ll tell you this, and he went in’t pit and me mam had to take him out, cos she said “you can’t do that job! It’d kill him!” Well he did die, d’you know what I mean? My man worked at Burton’s, she were a forewoman at Burtons and she got him in at Burtons, just at – they all walked at his funeral did all Burton’s – oh they did! – up to St – up to t’hospital – Killingbeck – from St Patricks.”

Story – Blanche N. Embroidery – Lucy Rider and Jenny Cantrell

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