Project Team

365 Leeds Stories is an ongoing collaborative project about the city of Leeds. The people who have worked on it so far are:

Alison Andrews & Matthew Bellwood Lead Artists

Reb Caputo Shadow Artist/Film maker

Caroline Challis Vocal Animateur

Lizzie Coombes Photographer

Steve Dearden Project Evaluator

Kelly Jago Designer (Leeds Labyrinth/Roseville)

Amy Levene Graphic Artist / Website designer

Hayley Mills-Styles Thread Artist

Geraldine Montgomerie Illustrator

Blessing Oyebanji Film Maker

James Redwood Composer

Joe Williams Storyteller/Writer

Peter Reed Producer (Leeds Labyrinth)

Emma Beverley Producer (Roseville)

Sarah Kennedy Project Administration/Book Design

Gideon Woods Scenic Constructor (Leeds Labyrinth and Roseville)

Tom Coxhead Scenic Constructor (Roseville)

Jenny Coetzee Production Assistant (Leeds Labyrinth)

Josephine Farr Scenic Painter (Leeds Labyrinth)

Frances Andrews Text and Dramaturgy (Roseville)

Vanessa Grasse Choreographer (Roseville)

Adam Sas-Skowronski Sound Editor (Roseville)

Charlotte Blackburn Production Assistant (Roseville)

Stephen Heelas Performer (Roseville)

Dawn Patricia Robinson Performer (Roseville)

Alison Grace Clissold Performer (Roseville)

Rosanna Gammon Performer (Roseville)

Gwenny Rose Robson Performer (Roseville)

Jaye Kearney Performer (Roseville)

Maps 1-8 were created with: Arts and Minds, Artlink West Yorkshire (Studio Three), Beechwood Primary School, East Leeds FM: Next Generation, Ethos College Staff and students, Inspire Art Group, Kippax Greenfield Primary School, Meeting Point, Pyramid of Arts: Eden Group, Seacroft Women’s Fellowship, Stainbeck Lunch Club, Talbot Primary School, Tranquility Court residents, member of the 365 Leeds Stories choir.

With thanks to: Caleb Parkin, Katy Hayley, Peter Spafford, Sandy Holden, Julia Piggott, Emma Parker, Spencer Bayles, Rev Francesca Rhys, Hayley Mason, Tom Bailey, Jill Johnson, Peter Richardson, Ben Biswas and family, Grace Phiri, Avril and Brian Bellwood, Frances Andrews, Slung Low, Gabrielle Hamilton, Wendy Breakwell, Helen Pratt, Liz Knight, The Kirkstall Flyboat, Leeds Central Library Staff.

Roseville was created with: Noel and the staff of The New Roscoe Pub; Wendy and family at The Door Seller; Malcolm Berwin; Dave, Dave and Becky at Ready Steady Store; Kathleen and all the staff at Bun on the Run; David Brazil, Sue Hobbs and the staff at Samuel Taylors, Jimmy Sydney and the staff at Sydney Bridge; the proprietor and staff at Oriental City Restaurant; Rose Price and Wolfe Levi.

Volunteers/guides: Rodolfo Barradas, Maya Celano, Javivi Javilon, Sophie Regan, Caty Smith, Anna Turzynski

Project Partners: Ali Maghoub and all at One Community Centre; Derek Sankar at Leeds Advocacy Support; Candace Grant at Donnisthorpe Hall; Liz Stirling and Laura Robinson at Rainbow Hearts Women’s Group; Women’s Health Matters

With thanks to: Slung Low and Matt Angove, Artemis, Eugen Balzen and Family, Brian and Avril Bellwood, Arthur Stafford

If there is a story you would like to tell about your area, your history, your work, we would be delighted to hear from you. There are details about how to get in touch on our Contacts page.

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