Exhibition launch - 3rd May 2014

Published on Monday, 28 April 2014, 9:23pm

What lies at the heart of the city of Leeds? A Labyrinth full of stories – stories of the past, the present and the future.

Since September 2013, Leeds-based artists Matthew Bellwood and Alison Andrews have been working together with a range of people who live, work or seek residence in Leeds on the creation of a series of maps of the city; maps that tell stories and make connections between the people who live here.

The maps depict the city in a myriad of ways. Leeds has been recorded in song, embroidered in cloth, imagined in shadows and written as stories. In May 2014, it will be reimagined as a Labyrinth – a mysterious structure to be found in the heart of Leeds Central Library.

We invite you to follow the threads of other people’s stories to the centre and to experience Leeds as it appears in the thoughts, dreams and memories of some of the people who live here.

In creating the Labyrinth, we’ve worked with seven community groups and nine local artists and we invite you to explore our version of Leeds and listen to our stories. We also warmly invite you to leave behind your own.

Like all maps, of any place, the Labyrinth is only temporary. The doors will be opening…

Sunday 4th to Thursday 22nd May

The Arts Space, Leeds Central Library, Calverly Street, LEEDS, LS1 3AB


Monday to Wednesday, 9:30am– 7:30pm
Thursday to Friday, 9:30am– 4:30pm
Saturday, 10:30am– 4:30pm
Sunday, 1:30pm– 4:30pm
In addition, there will be a celebration to launch the exhibition on Saturday 3rd May, with performances from the 365 Leeds Stories Choir.  It is free to attend but due to limited space, we ask that you register via Eventbrite or by calling Emma Beverley on 07921 766 671.

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