Developing the scroll

Photos showing development work and story gathering for the Seacroft Scroll taken at the Discovery Centre, Leeds Central Library and primary schools in Seacroft.

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Photos by Lizzie Coombes, Matthew Bellwood

The Seacroft Scroll was created by the following people:

Artistic Team
Alison Andrews – Lead Artist
Matthew Bellwood – Lead Artist
Lizzie Coombes – Photography
Ross Horsley – Archive Advice
Jaye Kearney – Workshop Facilitator
Amy Levene – Graphic Design
Matt Rogers – Workshop Support
Peter Spafford – Project Documentation

Leeds Libraries
Liam Garnett
Sally Hughes
Helen Skilbeck
Greg Stringer
Sue Wright

Discovery Centre
Gabrielle Hamilton
Andrew Kyrover
Kitty Ross

With thanks to:
Jane Riley and Anna Goodridge at The Leeds Library
Patsy Lyttle and Artemis
Sarah Hopkinson and Keepmoat Homes
Kate Taverner and the staff at North and South Seacroft
Friends and Neighbours
Staff and members of LS14 Trust

This document has been created with:
Staff and children at Beechwood Primary School
Staff and children at Seacroft Grange Primary School
Interviewees: Barbara Ackroyd, Sylvia Adams, Pearl Allen, Margaret Arnett, Zoe Carty, Joanne Curtis, Pearl Field, Mick and Doreen Firth, Paul Fletcher, Dorothy Frankland, Edna Garbutt, Geoff Hardwick, Graham Hyde, Jaimes Moran, Marjorie Nichols, Linda Palmer, Geraldine Talbot, Audrey Ward, Jean Ward, Audrey Wilson, Sue Wright, David Wrighton

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