Street Pigeon

Published on Thursday, 27 March 2014, 3:27pm

Cracks running wild on this concrete footbridge
Under a winter’s grip that does not give

Cracks in the walls of the deep red façade
Like inky veins, seeping above so far

Cracks in his hands, he shares this bridge with me,
With whispered words, he soothes me tenderly

Cracks in the air from the passing ladies’ soles
And the traffic below that moans and rolls

Cracks of sunlight seep from grey scattered skies
Stir the mood of the street as shadows glide

Cracks up the dome-topped building, I could rest,
Before the gift of flight, with time, has left

Cracks in the waves of people slipping past
At the end of the day, their smiles don’t last

Cracks more and more as this place grows ancient
Cracks spreading fast in their tolerance and patience

Cracks in my thoughts as darkness steals the dusk
Then fathomless night descends as it must

HS – Inspire Arts Group

Great George Street 001

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