Sound portrait of the Park

Published on Friday, 27 May 2016, 10:22pm

This is a sound portrait of the park made using recordings taken in April and May 2016. we have considered the following in creating the piece:

  • People at play
  • The history of land use in the park and valley.
  • The natural elements of woods, beck and valley and the life they support.
  • The beck as the central unifying element in time and space in the past and present.
  • The sounds of our every day modern technological world and how they reside with the natural sounds of the park, and the sometimes subtle interplay between these ‘two worlds’.
  • The unique character of the park as a hidden gem of Leeds.

The recordings are edited and mixed but no electronic effects have been applied and were all carried out within the park with one exception. We were kindly allowed to carry out recordings at Kingfisher Lubrications further down Meanwood valley and connected to the park by the beck that runs past their works. It is a direct connection back to the industrial history of the park as the family business originated in 1867. There is a short extract from this recording session mixed in at one particular point.

Enjoy a sound walk through the park…

Jonathan and Simon

Sound design and recording by Jonathan Lindh and Simon Bradley

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